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How Does Rating & Vetting Work?

Our rating and vetting process is identical for all candidates and is based on the principles of clear standards, fairness, and transparency.

Step 1: Candidates Are Sent Welcome Packets

When a Republican candidate officially files for office, they are sent a welcome packet inviting them to take part in the rating and vetting process. The welcome packet contains an introductory questionnaire that they can fill out and return. All candidates receive the same questionnaire.  

Step 2: Candidates Are Invited to Interview

Candidates are asked to participate in a candidate interview with a panel of 3 members of the Elmore County Republican Central Committee. Interviews typically begin before the candidate filing deadline and end shortly after so all candidates are given an opportunity to participate. Interview questions are determined by political office being sought. Each candidate for the same office is asked the same questions. The interview panel scores each response to the questions. The candidate receives an interview score that is the average of the scores given by the panel.  

Step 3: Central Committee Reviews Information & Votes

Once all participating candidates have had a chance to interview and the scores have been tallied, the county central committee meets to review all available information. Welcome packets, interview scores, and other pertinent information is discussed at the meeting. All precinct committeepersons that are elected by you the voter are eligible to vote. Each race is voted on individually. Only candidates that earn 50% + 1 vote are officially recommended by the committee.


What is the purpose of Rating and Vetting?

Most Republican voters don't have the time to closely follow the activities and voting records of their Republican elected officials or closely parse the policy positions of challengers. The ECRCC is dedicated to providing our constituents with easily digestible, actionable information to help inform their votes.

Is it wrong for the Elmore County Republican Party to involve itself in the primary?

No! On the contrary, it is the Republican primary where voters need the most information about their candidates. While the decision between a Democrat and a Republican in the general election is a no-brainer, it is a lot more meaningful for a primary voter to be able to get crucial information to help them determine which Republican in the primary best represents their values.

How are your recommendations determined?

Every Republican candidate is invited to participate in the rating and vetting process. They first complete a welcome packet that asks basic introductory questions. Then, they are invited to complete an interview. Finally, once the interview scores are tallied, the county central committee meets to discuss each candidate. All elected precinct committeepersons vote in each race. Whichever candidate gets 50% + 1 vote is chosen to be recommended. If no candidate reaches that threshold, no candidate is chosen for that race.

If a candidate doesn't participate in Rating and Vetting, can they still be recommended?

Yes! Since the ultimate determination of who will be recommended is determined by the duly elected voting members of the ECRCC, it is possible that a candidate that does not participate in the Rating and Vetting process is able to secure a recommendation. However, since it is difficult to get a full picture of who a candidate is and what their values are if they don't participate, it would likely be difficult to do.

What criteria determine what Republicans are recommended?

As each precinct committeeperson is required to vote their own conscience, there is no absolute criteria for recommendation. However, in general we are looking for Republicans that reflect the conservative values of fiscal responsibility, limited government, and individual liberty. Also, for elected officials or others who have a voting history, we look at how closely their voting records align with these principles and the Idaho Republican platform.

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