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Welcome to the Elmore County Republican Central Committee Site!


Welcome to the Elmore County Republican Central Committee site! As a committee we are so pleased to launch this blog. It is our goal to share more information about what is happening in conservative circles in our county and around the state.

The Elmore County Republican Central Committee (ECRCC) is one of the most conservative committees in the entire state of Idaho. We do not take this distinction lightly. Our PCs (Precinct Committeemen), work hard to ensure that the values core to this state and nation are guarded, and demanded from those who are elected to be our voice on all levels of government.

We are committed to being more than Republicans in name only. Our committee's objective is to go beyond mere rhetoric or endorsing candidates who simply add an "R" to their name in pursuit of electoral victory or favor. We mean what we say.

We work to hold the line!

This year we began a vetting committee to ensure that those running for office will be those who will hold true to the values that built this Nation and our state. After receiving our support, we will monitor their actions know if they will do as they promise.

If someone is elected and does not vote according to the values in the Republican Party Platform, we listen to their reasoning, and then if the committee so feels, the committee has been known to put those officials on notice.

This will be reflected in the recommendations that the committee will make for the May 2024 primary election.

We have a fund-raising committee, that is holding raffles, and Lincoln Day events to fund our support of candidates and scholarships for the youth of the county to attend various events specifically designed for them. If you are interested in being a member of that committee, we will love to have you.

We meet the 4th Thursday of every month, everyone is welcome, though voting is limited to those elected as a Precinct Committeeperson, we value the input of every citizen of this county, our meetings are set in such a way that everyone has a voice. We hope to see you at one of our meetings in the near future!

Again, thank you for your interest in our work. Join us, support our determination to keep Idaho free, for future generations.

God bless,
Christy Zito

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